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  1. On 7/17/2022 at 9:47 AM, Joe_Caxxis said:

    !! Oh I know. Chuck. First time is a bit of a fumble 😄
    2nd time you'll wonder what all the fuss was about... and why you ever used WU!

    LMAO, this is so true.  I remember the first time I used BTC for a transaction, I was all nervous & worried that I was going to fuck it up.  But now I hate doing anything other than BTC.

    It's even easier now with some of these financial apps like CashApp - makes it so insanely easy to do.  Just make sure you C/P the receiving address; I don't think anyone would type it by hand anyway, but the only PITA is having to get into secure email on my phone to C/P the receiver's BTC address into CashApp.  But way less of a PITA than any other payment method, including CIM IMO,

  2. On 7/16/2022 at 7:39 AM, killafromnyc said:

    Another order landed, Vision is gtg as usual

    Man, you're braver than I am ordering again so soon lol.


    I would have loved to order more, but i didn't want to deal with weeks of little to no communication & wondering if/when it would show up.  Maybe next time.

  3. On 6/29/2022 at 11:35 PM, champ0505 said:

    Pack landed couple days after last post. Took quite awhile but nonetheless order received in full.

    Glad everything worked out.


    It'd be nice if he posted what is going on though.  And if things have or will improve in the near future.

  4. My thing is taken care of.  Took too long IMO, but it is what it is I guess.  I do find the "sent funds but no more communication despite communication with other people who have not yet paid" a tad concerning though.

    He said he's been slammed, so I hope this lack of communication is just trying to get stuff out/trying to keep up, but I feel that at two weeks with nothing, a reply with an update is warranted.

  5. Anyone heard from him recently?  Was communicating with him about a week & a half ago & nothing now....sent a followup email just the other day, but nothing in response to that as well.  Nothing is on the way to me either.  Getting a tad nervous...

  6. So I realize this thread is old, but has anyone been in contact with Greek God?  People in here said he went private.  Just wondering if he still has good product?  Synergy is out & I have a few other contacts, but it'd be nice to have another.  I still have his contact info, although it could be an old one, not sure.  Anyone know what's up?

  7. This tends to be an issue for some people.  I've been running anavar during my recovery for its purported healing properties & I had to resort to Zantac 360 multiple times because it was so bad.  I would have used Ranitidine, but they pulled that from the market due to the cancer risk - maybe that's why I got cancer...?  Ranitidine was my go to for heartburn a long time ago before I learned that antacids are bad & generally make reflux worse.  Probably not, but who knows? 

    The vast majority of heartburn cases are caused by not enough stomach acid, not too much.  OIten times taking apple cider vinegar or betaine HCl will fix heartburn despite the fact that it sounds wrong.  I am not sure if that rings true for those who are using oral hormones though.  Normally heartburn will result in me taking betaine HCl, but it was so bad I was too scared to risk adding more acid.  99% of these times were when I was at work; had I been at home I likely would have tried the betaine HCl or APC tablets first instead.

  8. On 1/27/2022 at 3:16 PM, cuz said:

    What were the complications that prolonged the surgery?  I wouldn't try to speed recovery up.  This injury takes time to heal.

    They nicked my artery open - punched a little hole in it.  My bicep didn't pop all the way up to my shoulder despite the fact that it was a complete rupture.  It kinda got stuck a little above my elbow/antecubital fossa.  So my bicep actually didn't look all that different.  That very low portion of my bicep where it extends down towards the elbow & forearm was gone & I could tell that the tendon & part of my bicep were kind of bunched up about 1.5 inches above my antecubital fossa.  It looked so normal that 99.999% of people probably wouldn't even noticed it wasn't right if I didn't point it out to them.  But the tendon then basically scarred to the side of my artery wall, so when they were working on freeing the tendon from the scar tissue, artery opened up.  They got the bleeding to stop but the blood flow to my hand was compromised so they called in a hand surgeon & a vascular surgeon & they then went & talked to my parents who drove out here for this & to help me for a few days post-op & my parents gave my surgeons the go ahead to do a vessel graft.  So they took this big, thick, beastly vein out of my forearm near my wrist to graft around that clotted opening in the artery.  I'm actually a little annoyed because that was a sick looking vein lol.  And I am guessing that the rest of that vein that moves proximal/up towards my shoulder is probably gone now too - not just the part they harvested for the graft.  But I can't tell yet because of the swelling. 

    But it will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow (Thursday).  I'm doing OK I guess.  I got a green light to start actively using it a bit for the ROM stuff.  I'm still supposed to use my right hand to help assist, but I can start actually using my bicep to help flex my elbow.  I had almost full extension at day 13 when the splint came off & I have basically full extension as of Tuesday or I'm about as close to full extension as you can be without actually being at full extension.  I just want to play guitar properly (I can play a bit, but I can't jump around & I can't really get below the 10th fret.  I pretty much hang out around the 12th fret - been playing the "vomit riff" from Lamb of God's Hourglass a lot lol) & lift the way I want -  I want to squat & deadlift so bad lol.  In 2-3 weeks, I should be able to start using the safety squat bar.  Oh & being able to wash my hands properly would be nice too.  But all in due time I guess. 

    I'm actually very interested to know if or how much the chemotherapy played into this.  There's not a whole lot about that online though.  But given how horrible & destructive those literal poisons are to the human body & some anecdotal accounts I've found Googling about this, I'm inclined to believer it was a factor.  I don't think the chemotherapy was the main cause or even a significant factor, but I think it played a minor role at least.

    The atrophy is killer BTW. 😅😳🥺😭

  9. Depends on each location.  Some are good, others suck.  Every Anytime Fitness I've lifted at has had at least one rack/cage & at least one bench.  SNAP Fitness locations usually don't have those. 

    But like wallyd said, they don't compare to serious gyms at all.

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  10. For what specifically?

    I use Bodybuilder's Bodywash (I hate the name though lol).  Always after lifting.  Or anything where I was sweating a lot.  Otherwise I just use Old Spice Hydrowash.  I used to only use the Bodybuilder's Bodywash, but @ ~$20/bottle, I decided to back off a bit on the usage.  I also use Regenepure products for my hair.  I used them years ago but stopped.  Picked them up again once I finished chemotherapy 6ish months ago to help my hair regrow.  Also a bit expensive though.

    Other than that I just use like the men's Nivea or Neutrogena face wash.  And I have some Dove face lotion in that little pump bottle.  O'Keeffe's hand products cuz my hands will get sooooo dry & crack when its cold like this.  Although I just got Cyprès Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème as a gift that seems pretty nice so far (https://www.naturalinspirations.com/all-products/cypres-boxed-hand-creme).

    Then kind of whatever for moisturizing - again, my skin will get dry during the winter; mainly hands & back of my arms (& sometimes my cheeks)..  AmLactin, Gold Bond, Eucerin; basically whatever is on sale or I can find a coupon for or Target Circle deal or whatever for.

  11. Well, I got into the OR after a COVID cancellation back on Wednesday.  Surgical complication turned a roughly one hour surgery into a 6+ hour operation.😅  Then I had to stay about 2.5 days in the hospital which sucked super bad lol. 

    Got a bunch of BPC-157, TB-500, & a CJC/Ipamorelin blend to help speed up recovery.  Also going to keep my nandrolone dose up there.  Any other recovery advice or tips would be appreciated.


    EDIT: also, any tips for doing subq injections with one hand would be awesome.  I had to use a chip clip to pinch my skin up near the incision site lmao.


    On 1/15/2022 at 7:06 PM, pooh6369 said:

    Had a proximal tear from the shoulder plus I tore my rotator cuff workman's comp injury.

    Had the surgeries at 5 weeks later. I'll be a week 12 post surgery next week should get the go ahead to go to the gym again. Just been doing band work.

    Gotta be patient check your ego when your starting back from the surgery. Do the rehab, tons of YouTube videos at home band work for surgically repaired biceps. Good luck hope for a good recovery

    I finished chemotherapy back mid-summer.  I didn't lose a ton of muscle, but my strength just went down the shitter my last cycle.  I started back @ 185x5 for 3 or 4 sets on bench.  I could have started a little higher, but I like to start a little lighter than necessary after time off or a deload or just switching up programming or whatever.  Starting back with a weight that is about 50% of what you were throwing up for multiple, easy singles is a bit humbling lol.  Usually I throw up 225 for two doubles as part of my warmups as I work up & drop back down to 225 to rep it out after my heavier work, & I remember my first bench day back that I went to do that 225 double warmup, they were slow as molasses, & I am pretty sure I would have gotten stapled had I gone for a third lol.  Same thing with squats & deadlifts....235lbs warmup triple - felt heavy as shit.  Actually working to deadlift 405lbs?  Sucks when just 2-3 months ago you were absolutely ripping that shit off the ground with just a regular double overhand grip.  Grip still isn't back to what it was.  I've always held back a little bit with this game.  Because I'd like to be able to still do this stuff decades from now & also to try to help avoid, well, these types of situations.

    You haven't been in since?  I got home from there about an hour ago.  I guess it's going to be lots of lower for a few months lol.  Errr well, I have 3 lower days as is, so I guess a little bit more lower.  🤣  Although now I'm nervous as shit before & during every set lol.  Last thing I need is to fuck up my quad & then I'm stuck in the leg press with a fucked quad & a fucked bicep & can't get out lol. 🤣🤣How'd you do yours?  Mine was the cybex preacher curl machine, single arm with the hand basically fully supinated, sets of 5-6 ideally, first work set with 70lbs.  Looking back, maybe not my brightest idea ever lol.  Right side went OK, but the left.....I literally saw, felt, & heard that shit rip before I flexed my elbow up to even 10-15°.

    On 1/14/2022 at 2:02 PM, WOODARD said:

    The quicker you can get it done the better.  A close friend of mine had a full tear of his and long story short he got dicked around by our employer but after 5 months of back and forth he finally got surgery.  Got a cadaver tendon and he still isn't right 8 months later.  Obviously it goes without saying to baby that shit as best you can.  Get seen as soon as you can.  The longer the wait the list of surgeons able to correct it goes down considerably.  At least that's the case in my area.  Sorry to hear of your injury bro.  Best of luck and hope for a good outcome and speedy recovery!

    That is what I've been reading.  Within ideally 2 weeks, 3 at the most.  Seems like the consensus is success goes down the longer surgery is put off, although my mom did send me a case study of distal bicep tendon repairs within 4 weeks vs up to I think 12 weeks out that showed little difference in the surgical results.  Super small sample size though - I think it was only 18 patients. 

    I am having a hell of a time getting seen.  The main medical institute here apparently can't seem me before February 1st, which is outside that "ideal" window.  And that's not surgery on February 1st - that's just the consultation  This is after the doctors (supposedly) looked at my X-rays & the ultrasound from the ER (which was largely a gigantic waste of my time).  The ultrasound chick even went to get another, higher up doctor who takes an interest in these types of injuries, & she wrote up a report on it.  I got an MRI moved up from February 1st to the other day & orthopedics was supposed to call me back before the end of the day on Friday, but I never heard back.  The MRIs were I think not resulted out yet though - I got a notification of a new test result at like 0347 or something Saturday morning, which was the MRI, so maybe I will hear something tomorrow morning.  I don't understand how they do NOT have a doctor set aside to deal with emergency type things like this....But I have located a few surgeons ~90-100 minutes away that I am planning to call as soon as they open tomorrow morning, as well as the other local medical institution.  Looking at places in the opposite direction of those two & all the way out to my hometown area which is about 250 miles away from where I am.  I'm going to get a overnight/few overnights bag ready tonight with some clothes, hygiene stuff, & other essentials just in case because I am planning to drop everything & drive the second I hear someone can see me to get this looked at if need be. 

    The whole thing is pissing me off.  And adding unneeded additional stress.  I remember when my dad broke his ankle on the hill in our (or I guess their, my parent's) backyard like two decades ago, they had an orthopedic surgeon for him right away.  I wasn't there for this because I was either just born or about to be born, but I know the same thing happened when he got hit by a drunk driver (HIM, not his car) on the freeway & ended up with an open tib-fib fracture among other less serious injuries.  Like I said, I just don't get it.  Don't even try to tell me you don't have some 60 or 70 year old patient who's getting a knee replacement that you can't bump a week.  I'm not asking for special treatment or anything, or think I'm more important than anyone else, but it's called triage - & it's part of their job, so WTF?  Tell a guy in their thirties, & not even taking into consideration that said guy is a strength athlete & a guitarist/musician to sit on a potentially life altering injury for weeks....just what?  If this doesn't get fixed properly, then I have to live with it for the next 30, 40, 50+ years.

    Kind of went off there, but I am frustrated. 

  13. I partially ruptured my distal bicep tendon on Sunday.  I've got an MRI later today & I am trying to get in to get seen.  I might end up having to travel to get this dealt with - the guy who does these near me is apparently booked up & will be gone for a week plus here & it's not looking like I'm going to be able to get in to get seen by him until February, which doesn't help a whole lot because if this needs surgery (which I am planning to push for), it needs to be done within about 2 weeks, 3 weeks tops.

    Would appreciate any information, tips, advice from anyone who has sustained this type of injury.  Especially anyone who plays an instrument.

  14. Assuming it's Boldenone Undecylenate you'd pretty much have to run it at 600mg/week minimum.  Less if it was Boldenone Cypionate.  Deca I've run as low as 150mg/week, so if keeping the total grams low is a priority, it's a pretty easy choice.  


  15. The potential for side effects as already mentioned.  And there is a finite number of androgen receptors.  You would want the hormone that is more anabolic to bind.  If you have a bunch of excess testosterone floating around, then that other, potentially more anabolic hormone now has to compete with the testosterone molecules to bind to the AR.  Less test = more binding of the preferred/stronger/whatever hormone.  Then the extra testosterone that doesn't bind to the AR will then bind to, for example, the active site of the aromatase enzyme --> more estrogen, more side effects.

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  16. On 8/4/2021 at 3:00 PM, Dante280 said:

      Not true sir. UDCA, although expensive IMO,  is available without a script at iron-dragon, pretty sure they still have it.  Didn't mean to upset you bro, I was just giving my .02.  


    I have no idea why you think anyone is "upset," but again, I think it would be implied by my comment that my comment was not including any sort of shady, unreliable, unregulated "research chemical" source options.


    I'm also confused as to why you are referencing a site that, interestingly enough, I had randomly attempted to check out a few weeks ago when it suddenly popped into my head, a "blast from the past" if you will.  Their website no longer exists.  In fact, it seems that it has not existed for quite some time now.  I did also just try again to access it, with a number of different "irondragon," "iron-dragon," & ".com/.net/.org/etc" combinations - nothing.  So no.  UDCA, in fact, seems to NOT be available from them.

  17. On 7/26/2021 at 3:30 PM, Dante280 said:

    UDCA (not TUDCA) is far superior than NAC if used for liver regeneration/protection IMHO.. The FDA are a bunch of unknowledgable morons. Looks like China's getting more $$ and business/trade thrown their way. I'm sure raw NAC powder is pennies per gram there. Where there's a demand, there's a supply. 

    What is your point?  I'm pretty sure this is (fairly) common knowledge.  Thing is, UDCA requires a prescription & NAC doesn't.  At least not yet...

  18. BAH, I forgot DFL had returned!!  I was just in communication with someone else because I had forgotten!  Nothing against that source or anything - he's absolutely fantastic & has been my go to for quite some time now, but so is & was DFL a few years back.

  19. On 4/10/2021 at 5:04 PM, holiday039 said:

    Appreciate it fellas thanks for the input 

    Yeah, meds don't really ever expire.  They may degrade a bit over time, but back after my knee surgery about a decade ago, I found a bottle of liquid oxycodone syrup in the medicine cabinet.  I used it once I ran out of the pain meds they had given me.  At the time I used that syrup, it was about 10 years old.  It worked perfectly fine.  And I know because at the time I didn't realize oxycodone was about 1.5x the strength of hydrocodone, so I took a bigger dose - basically what I thought was a double dose of hydrocodone, but that was more like a triple dose of hydrocodone because oxycodone is roughly 1.5x the strength - cuz I was in pain & had run out of the hydro & I ended up in a very, very good mood with a bunch of euphoria lol.


    The expiration date pharmacies put on prescriptions is mandated to be a year after the drug is dispensed.  Doesn't mean they are no good.  I realize what we are talking about isn't from a pharmacy, but the idea is still the same.

  20. 10 hours ago, wallyd said:

    I like how they specifically called out tren like it’s heroin or  fentynal or something similar. Omg not the dreaded trenbolone!!! 

    Well, there's people in this community who act like tren is the gear equivalent of those two lol.


    You know, with their "you have to run at least 11 cycles before you ever use tren!!"  "Make sure your test is higher than your tren dose!!!!"  "Anything over 8mg of TrenA/day is overkill!!!"

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  21. On 10/19/2020 at 5:41 PM, enjoy_tren said:



    best belts in the industry.  Ive own a few from all the big names and no one can touch these ones.  Look into the pioneer cut if you're thinking about buying a non lever belt.  I think they may have already came out with their game changing levers by now.  Matt the owner is a solid dude.  Cant say enough good things about them


    Pioneer makes awesome stuff.  I have one of their belts & I am planning to get a dip/pullup belt with my last name on it.  Just haven't pulled the trigger yet - for some reason lol.  Looks like they have some new products since I was last on their website, like that zig zag hole thing that was mentioned in this thread.  That would be super nice because I feel like the best spot for me right now on my belt would be between two of the holes.  Feels like I could tighten it a bit to get some more intra-abdominal pressure, but the next hole feels like the belt is too tight & I can't take in enough air. 

    I also have a pair of their straps that I got several years ago that have worn thoroughly & one of them is torn halfway through.  Still works great though lol.  Although I did finally get a new pair of Pioneer straps just a few months ago & they are just as awesome as the first pair I got.


    These are the straps I have: https://generalleathercraft.com/product/heavy-duty-lifting-strap/

    And I have the older ones that are black with blue lines on them.


    Otherwise Inzer is well known & respected.  

    I would recommend getting a single prong though.  That is what I have from Pioneer & I have heard from several guys that the double prongs can kind of be a bit of pain to get on if the prongs move individually since you have to try to line both of them up instead of just one like with a single prong.  

  22. The things you tried might work or at least help; but you might have to let it rest & heal up for a few weeks before they will help.  You need to allow some time, probably a few weeks, to let any inflammation die down.  Then you can look into trying things like sleeves or other things to help prevent the pain in the future.

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