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  1. HI, new name, just switched it up for security reasons, but I've been around sine 2005 i would say, give or take a few years. FYI to whom ever is interested. Theres a newer secure email, that there is a waiting list for thats based out of Switz. ( I believe) same thing as ANONY-speech and securenym.com emails that you have to pay for, this one is free once again, you need to be added to a waiting list. (it took me maybe 2-3 months to get my request to join) ... I still pay for Anony.com but figure for anyone that would like to save a few bucks or what not. Go to http://www.protonmail.com and request to join. If you want say MRGOODFELLA referred you. its all encrypted and works well with sending to other encrypted servers.

    enjoy all

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