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  1. The aromasin is right on too!  Had some gyno creeping in (environmental factors, age, etc) and, a week later, it’s pretty much all gone. 🤗  Been taking one eod but now I’m gonna go one e3d as I think it should suffice. 2 thumbs up!  Thanks again VL. 

  2. Thanks 11!  Great to know and it’s not the first time I’ve heard/read that comment. I’m already feeling the susta. Nice!!!! Will be incorporating the test cyp as well. It’s good to be back ON. 🤗

  3. Just received today.  Super cool and easy bro to deal with,  t/a was pretty quick, products look good and, after 5+ years off I cannot wait to get back ON!  Will chime in regarding the efficacy of the products.  Thanks VL.  

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  4. My personal opinion. Mk677 is all hype. Been in this game for 18 years . I don't know who the fuck is comparing this to injectable high but hell! No! I have taken 5 and 6 iues a day and doesn't come close people. If you just wanna feel lethargic and sleep all the time. And look like the Michelin man go for it. When workouts suffer because your tired and super lethargic it isn't worth it.


    yep. and you know what they say about 'them'...

  5. Thank you for the kind words. It's super super embarrassing but I've actually been practicing a posing routine for awhile, not going to compete but I feel as if I have an established routine that I can run through on my bodybuilding journey will help me to track progress and find weak points.

    ( I force myself to practice it once a week in the gyms exercise room shirtless to help me get over feeling uncomfortable)


    can't argue with that. :cool: now, having you skipping around the gym, shirtless, is one of the main reasons i just can't do modern-day gyms... :p

  6. Oh but its fine that i and ither tax payers have to pay for some transgender asshole to grow a dick or clit? Not to mention the extra cost of building and modfying bathrooms cause they wanna pick which shiiter they shall shat in.....fuck that change your gender on your own time and dime.


    Fuck all that nonsense, id much rather foot the bill for some test. You get a vial...you get a vial....you get a vial!!!


    if it were up to me, i'd throw the lot of them into that '300' pit - no questions asked. and i'd really rather not flip the bill for someone else's overpriced anti-estro - if that's ok with you...;)

  7. Definition of ignorant-lacking knowledge of something in particular. That make you happy? I guess you should work on your vocabulary. Maybe take a night class, that's how I got my degrees. I was specifically not name calling, that's why I made the point of phrasing it that way. And I will repeat myself, no job or government pays for my insurance. Since I've been self employed for all but 4 months of my adult life I've never had a job give me insurance. I've been on my own policy with the same insurance company for 13 years now. Long before Obamacare was even a word I had this policy. All Obamacare did was raise my premium. So don't act like I'm a free loader when I use the insurance that I pay for. That's what insurance is for. Otherwise why would anyone pay for it? Are you also "ignorant" of the purpose of health insurance? And I guess that you pay as much as you can for everything on top of what you pay for insurance, if you have any?


    dude, who the fuck cares?... :rolleyes: it's obvious you cannot carry on a reasonable conversation (you talk in circles) so this is the last i'll speak on this piece.

  8. Dam Chip u ok bro?


    i'm fine gage - not as fine as your avi, but i'm great. i was just pointing out that no job or gov't wants to be paying for a guys anti-e when he's choosing to juice. everything else is simple inference, guilty conscious, ignorance.... take your pick.

  9. No job or government pays for my insurance. Never has. No need for you to pop your ignorant opinion into a thread intended to offer information to the community. I don't mean ignorant as an insult, simply as you don't know the facts of the situation yet you choose to offer your opinion.


    that's NOT what i said - learn to read. exemestane is ridiculously expensive and i doubt the job wants to pay hundreds of bucks a month for your estrogen protection. i'm not sure why you resort to name-calling, especially since you don't even know the definition of 'ignorant'... but let's not even get into that.

  10. i agree on all counts, myo:


    1. tight hips are a motherfucker for the desk jockey.


    2. i'd like to add CALVES to that, as well - been rolling mine, in addition to stretching, for a couple of months.


    3. catchers need flexible hips...

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